About Me



Phil T Williams

I started playing bass guitar around the age of 15. My early influences included Cliff Richard, The Shadows, The Beach Boys and most of all The Everly Brothers; I just love the sound of good vocal harmonies. My musical foundation was laid down during the eighties when I performed in local bands playing mostly sixties music with a heavy Country feel. I usually won the job of providing the vocal harmony parts while playing the bottom end on my bass guitar, no mean feat. In the nineties I started working pro with a very talented guitarist in the duo "Me-an-Im" and played on the ferries running from Dover to Calais, Then going on to the larger ships out of Portsmouth and Southampton, across to Southern France and Santander down in Spain, You could say I have played the Mediterranean, which I suppose makes me an International singer. Also in the nineties I performed with the some of the nicest people in country music, The Ken Phillips country band, Tennessee Flattop, and later on joined the very popular country band, Rough Justice, In 2007/8 I teamed up with Clare Martin (Clarissa).  A very talented Singer/Songwriter. We performed all over the South of England and even had a successful season in Spain.  In the last couple of years I have been pursuing my solo career, doing my own mix of Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and country music,  I have now with a full repertoire of country music for country nights and a full repertoire of sixties, seventies and eighties with later songs thrown  in when needed.   Country and early Sixties and Seventies music has always been in my blood, I look forward to performing my style of Country and Club music where ever I am asked to perform.